Please understand that all items in my brand, JorTene’ Arts, are hand crafted and handmade items by nature, have imperfections. Although I am very attentive and strive to perfect each piece, subtle imperfections may still occur. Performance of the product (coasters, trays, tumblers) will in no way be affected. Accepting that there are no two pieces in my shop that are alike, you are aware that you are truly receiving a unique, one of a kind item(s)! As always, thank you for shopping with JorTene’ Arts.


All personalized sales are final unless cancelled same day. Because these are personalized items, they are not likely to be resold. If you purchase a cup without a decal, please contact me and we can discuss possible partial or full refund options. If there is a defect in your product or error made by me, please contact the shop for correction.